Two figures that are so realistic that you can see the blood vessels

Two figures that are so realistic that you can see the blood vessels-Garage Kit Dolls
I saw that many friends mentioned that there are several hand-mades at home and abroad, which are very realistic, and even blood vessels and foot sweat are clearly visible, so I wrote an article about appreciation.

Although these two figures have not seen large-scale production and sales, I think they have a certain value in themselves. Although there are not many aspects that can be used in real life, they are not too few.
Two figures that are so realistic that you can see the blood vessels-Garage Kit Dolls
First of all, it can be displayed as a work of art. Take this figure that has attracted the admiration of many people who eat melon, and even the sweat of the feet can be clearly seen as an example. Such a beautiful work is not so much a figure, but a sculpture. The shape itself is also a bit of an ancient lady. It feels like this exquisite hand-made work is completely a work of art.

This kind of work may be expensive to build, but I think its artistic value must be sufficient. It is used as an art exhibition and placed in an exhibition hall, a hotel lobby, or something as a decoration. I think it is quite appropriate. A piece of art may be more expensive than a hand-made piece, but the price is not too expensive for a piece of art. Moreover, people who can afford to play with this type of art are not bad for money, even Higher cost is also acceptable.

Secondly, I think it can be used to make art teaching tools, so that students who are determined to become hand modelers, stylists, etc. in the future can use these props to learn and simulate. For example, the hand of the figure below, we can It is true that the veins and blood vessels under the arm are clearly visible, and the work is very clear. I think it is also excellent to learn and explore through such a high-fidelity figure to understand the structure of the human body. Although there are a lot of real-life models, realistic props, etc., if these new methods are introduced as a means of assisting learning, I think it is still good.
Two figures that are so realistic that you can see the blood vessels-Garage Kit Dolls
In addition, I think these highly realistic figures can be used as props for medical science? We often say that there are this organ, that organ, this blood vessel and that blood vessel in the human body. How can people know the details? I have seen dolls marked with acupoint maps on the doctor’s desk. Can you also use this highly realistic hand-made work as a prop for medical science popularization? With the help of them, you can popularize science on how human joints move. , How the human blood vessels work, how the blood flows in the human body, etc.

At present, these hand-mades have not yet been produced on a large scale. I think besides the technical reasons, the higher cost is also possible. However, if it can be used in niche areas now and gradually accumulated, perhaps this technology can bring troubles to mankind in the future. Less convenient.

Author: Rose Mas

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