What is the use of the garage model?

As a junior figure enthusiast, the two most frequently asked questions are “how much” and “what’s the use”.

As for the purpose of buying a hand-made…This question really differs from person to person. Today, let the old drivers take you to open your eyes and take a look at the different functions of the hand-made!

What is the use of the garage model?-Garage Kit Dolls
Instant noodles
When eating instant noodles, if you don’t have a handy weapon at hand, ah, ah, it’s very inconvenient to use instant noodle pressing tools. Look at this figure, it’s big and round, is it very suitable for pressing foam? Noodles?

It is said that the instant noodles after these hand-made blessings taste more delicious! It seems to be a new trend for local tyrants to show off their wealth!

Sleep on a pillow
There has been an “artifact” in many anime works called knee pillows. Oh, those animation scenes are envious of me. But the local tyrant said, don’t panic, my hand can do it too!
What is the use of the garage model?-Garage Kit Dolls
Take a look at this super-luxury figure of a full-length size, with a real-life ratio. The official selling point at the beginning is that it can be used as a knee pillow. Damn it! so envious!

Town House
Over the years, there have been a lot of hands-on-hands waiting for the body. In fact, the above-mentioned ones that can be used as knee pillows are only a few, and most of them are standing-waiting hands.
What is the use of the garage model?-Garage Kit Dolls
Such a beautiful figure, buy it home and go to the town house, everyone talks about Dora style? The key is that there are many options. If you like beautiful girls, you can buy a rem and wait for the skill to go back. If you want to be protected, please ask a fish seller to wait for the skill to go back.

Make teaching aids
Friends who have studied painting must have painted on plaster statues. In fact, hand-made objects like this can also be used as teaching tools! Previously, Japan had developed a super-realistic figure, so that the blood vessels in the hand are clearly visible. This figure is used as a teaching tool to guide people to draw skin textures. Is it very high-tech? what?
What is the use of the garage model?-Garage Kit Dolls

Investment and financial management
The hands can even be used for investment and financial management! Some popular figures are sold in limited quantities, the total amount is only so much, what do you want to do after they are sold out? Then the only way to increase the price is to buy from friends who have already bought them. Before Bilibili officially released several commemorative figures, the prices of second-hand ones have risen steadily, and some of them with special numbers have even sold sky-high prices. Handling money is really not a joke.

What is the use of the garage model?-Garage Kit Dolls
The most important thing: a daughter is not happy to buy
Of course, I think the most important role of the figure is to use it to make fun of it. As the saying goes, it’s hard to buy a grandfather. Many people buy a figure to consume for their hobbies, give themselves a gift, buy yourself A happiness, this happiness, I think it is impossible to measure how much money, so if you also like the figure, then, if you can, give yourself one.

Author: Rose Mas

Founder of garage-kit-dolls.com : I really like beautiful toys and garage models.