Why is garage kit so expensive?

For fans of the second element dead house, it is very happy to have a set of their favorite animation garage kit. But its high price makes many people only dare to look far away and dare not play it. Why is a small garage kit so expensive? In fact, the main reason lies in the production process, and the second reason is the cultural value it represents.
Why is garage kit so expensive?-Garage Kit Dolls
First of all, when making a garage kit, obtaining the copyright of the original character is the most basic premise. If the original creation is not authorized, even if it is made, it is illegal. When buying copyrights, a large amount of copyright fees are required. This fee must be counted on the final consumer.

Second, after buying the copyright, you need to hire a designer to make a prototype. The more skilled the prototype designer, the higher the cost. Same as the above, the cost also needs to be paid by the consumer.
Why is garage kit so expensive?-Garage Kit Dolls
After making the prototype, start making the mold. The more complex the role, the higher the requirements on the mold. Moreover, the use of molds also has a life limit. Basically, after 100 pieces, the molds must be re-made, otherwise wear will cause defects in the finished garage kit. To put it in perspective, there are a lot of expenses here, and again, consumers are still paying the bills.

Coloring is a highly technical part of the garage kit, and the colorist needs a certain art foundation. And it has to be done purely by hand. As long as the three words “hand-made” are involved, the cost will definitely increase. The above production process is complicated and complicated, and the cost is high. It should be the main reason for the expensive garage kit, but there are other secondary reasons, we continue to analyze.
Why is garage kit so expensive?-Garage Kit Dolls
As a craft collection, its value cannot be measured solely by materials or production costs. To use the simplest and easy-to-understand analogy, a vase from the Tang Dynasty, even if it spreads to the present, the material produced is only clay, and the production cost is not high. But can we say that its value is not high?

Certainly not. It has been passed down to the present, and the value it carries contains not only the precipitation of history and culture, but also the inheritance of ancient culture by modern humans. So its spiritual significance is greater, and the same is true for garage kit.
Why is garage kit so expensive?-Garage Kit Dolls
In addition to the above reasons, there are also some well-known factors that keep the price of garage kit high. “Roasted seeds and nuts” are bought at low prices and sold at high prices when there is no market. The method is not clever, but the impact on the garage kit market is not small.

Why is garage kit so expensive?-Garage Kit Dolls

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