4 must-know garage kit brands!

In this issue, I will introduce the Japanese garage kit brand. Which brand is the most cost-effective. What should I pay attention to when buying a garage kit?

First of all, one thing is very important! You have to buy your favorite character, or even if a garage kit tells you that it is cost-effective, you may not be interested in spending money, so this is a false proposition!

The other situation is that you need to put something in the space of the cabinet, and you are not a local tyrant. It is best to choose the one you like and cheap.

If you don’t pay much attention to details, but you just like the character style, you don’t necessarily buy a garage kit. If you put it up, you can consider buying the scenery. You can buy it anywhere within 100.

The more common Japanese garage kit brands:

No matter which brand, there are high-end product lines and low-end product lines. After all, the cost is there. It is better to consider your own economic situation + favorite character works to choose!

1. Alta` (ALTER)
4 must-know garage kit brands!-Garage Kit Dolls
ALTER (commonly known as A company), one of the three imperial garage kits in the world, is not well-qualified. It was established in 2005, but was famous for its super high quality at the beginning of the factory.

4 must-know garage kit brands!-Garage Kit Dolls
One of the three imperial garage kits. Founded in Chiba, Tokyo in 2001, it was originally an idol artist firm. In recent years, the garage kit company, which has skyrocketed in popularity, is favored by the majority of garage kit enthusiasts for its Nendoroid series and high-quality pvc, and is commonly known as the “Tricky Smile Club.” .

The price of the Nendoroid series is mostly around two or three hundred. If you like this Q version of the garage kit, you can consider it! The playability is also more.

4 must-know garage kit brands!-Garage Kit Dolls
The big brother in the garage kit industry has the deepest qualifications among the three imperial families. Established in 1987, known for its beautiful girl’s garage kit, joined the plastic model toy business in 2014. It owns the popular figma movable toys. MAX’s beautiful girl PVCgarage kit products have a high reputation in the market for their excellent quality.

4. MegaHouse (MegaHouse)
4 must-know garage kit brands!-Garage Kit Dolls
The product line is mainly four series: high-quality garage kit, that is, the ordinary PVCgarage kit series, including One Piece’s P.O.P, Dragon Ball, Gundam Girl, Digimon and Pokemon’s G.E.M series. Its price is located at a lower position among garage kit manufacturers; the collection of garage kits mainly includes battleship models of Gundam and Yamato series works, car models of “High Intelligent Formula” and small Digimon dolls, etc. The characteristics are It is small in size and low in price and can be collected in batches. The movable garage kit series includes all kinds of mechas in addition to Gundam and movable toys for the three major migrant workers. The S.H.F series technology is used, and the overall quality is very good; the female-oriented series are mainly various animation peripherals. There are cup rims, key chains, mini dolls, etc. Basically, they are gadgets worth a few hundred yen.

Therefore, in fact, the statement of high cost performance is not accurate. It can only be said that if you buy a garage kit among these brands, it is less likely that the characters will collapse, which is also within the acceptable range.

Author: Rose Mas

Founder of garage-kit-dolls.com : I really like beautiful toys and garage models.