Does garage kit have meaning and value?

Generally speaking, Garage Kit refers to models or props made by individuals, but it does fit the original meaning of what we called “hands”, that is, model props made by enthusiasts. Now that we talk about hand-made models or props by enthusiasts Model, that is to say, the first purpose is to express the love for something, perhaps a person, perhaps a certain thing, or even a symbolic sign.

Does garage kit have meaning and value?-Garage Kit Dolls

“It’s like a carrier, which has taken on the love of lovers for him (her or it) so much that it is urgently needed to be presented in front of you.” In other words, the first meaning of the figure is “for the hobby People love the carrier of feelings.” Of course, in addition to expressing their affection more, they are also used as a “signboard” to spread the image. People will always be more impressed with things they encounter repeatedly, even the most trivial things are seen too much. Will remember. The figure is naturally one of them today.

Why do some concerts (such as Hatsune Miku’s) officially put a lot of figures before? It can have a promotional effect. When you see these hand-mades, even if there is only one love at first sight, the first reaction is definitely to buy one or take a picture, but this behavior silently deepens your hand-made and the symbolic meaning behind it. Impressions can even produce economic benefits for officials who desire you to buy. Even if you put it backwards, buying a figure that has been sold for a certain image, the result is actually the same.

So, if it means meaning, for us favorite collectors and enthusiasts, it is the carrier of our favorite feelings, and for the manufacturer, it is the product that produces economic benefits and publicity.

Author: Rose Mas

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